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SGI - Prepackaged Med Supplies for SGI VTK™

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The Prepackaged Med Supplies for the SGI Vehicle Trauma Kit (VTK™) includes essential medical supplies for a variety of emergency situations. The VTK™ Trauma Kit is sold with or without medical supplies. The Prepackaged Med Supplies offer essential med supplies to current VTK owners or anyone that needs to be ready for emergencies.  All supplies come in a vacuum packed bag with high-quality medical products from our industry partners at North American Rescue.  These products have been battle tested and proven to be effective in treating life-threatening traumatic injuries involving mass hemorrhaging. Now using Combat Gauze in our advanced kits.

The SGI - Vehicle Trauma Kit (VTK™) is the #1 choice for anyone serious about being prepared in a medical emergency: Law Enforcement, Military, Government Entities, Personal Security Details, Traveling Families, Outdoor Enthusiasts, etc.  Our VTK™ Trauma Kit is designed to contain the medical supplies necessary to treat and control severe hemorrhaging.


VTK survival article

Learn about surviving traffic accidents from Dr. Will Dabbs and how the VTK is the "inspired" and "well executed" trauma kit you need in critical roadside emergencies.   

SGI - Advanced VTK™ Trauma Kit Contents:
Quantity Description of Item
(1) 28 French - Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA)
(2) Muslin Bandage (Triangular Bandage)
(1) HyFin Vent Chest Seal (Twin Pack)
(2) NAR S-Rolled Compressed Gauze
(2) NAR Responder 4" ETD Flat
(1) C-A-T  Tourniquet System
(1) Black Talon Surgical Gloves
(1) Black Trauma Shears
(1) Combat Gauze LE
(1) SGI VTK™ Trauma Kit (select color)


Vehicle Trauma Kit (VTK™)

New - R.A.T.S. Tourniquet

New - R.A.T.S. Tourniquet Pouch


Unit Price: $92.00

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