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SGI - Maritime Security Operations Course - MSOC

[Course Fee = $575.00 ]

(4-Days / 40-hours)
(Law Enforcement / First Responders and Military Personnel)

The Solutions Group International (SGI) Maritime Security Operations Course - MSOC™ is a 4-day / 40-hour training course that was developed to provide the requisite skills-set for law enforcement, military, and first responders with little or no previous maritime background to conduct their respective duties aboard maritime vessels, in port facilities, and elsewhere in the maritime environment in accordance with the requirements of the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002.

The SGI MSOC™ course will provide the foundational skills for personnel tasked with the demanding duties of providing anti-terrorism, force protection, and physical security services for maritime vessels, ports, and facilities in high-risk, non-permissive environments.

The primary objective of this course is to provide law enforcement, military, and first responder personnel with the unique skills and abilities necessary to detect, deter, and mitigate maritime-based terrorist and/or criminal threats through proactive strategies. Instruction will be taught to course attendee's utilizing a combination of lecture and hands-on situational training exercises.


Course content includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Maritime Case studies
  • Threat analysis
  • Inspection of maritime vessels, terminals, and facilities
  • Responding to crises involving threats of terrorism and actual terrorist attacks
  • Monitoring and controlling access to facilities and vessels
  • Interviewing, examining, and credentialing transportation workers and facility personnel
  • Conducting surveillance and participating in undercover operations
  • Tracking and interdicting suspicious cargo, persons, vessels, and vehicles
  • Recognizing and detecting the presence of bombs, explosives, and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
  • Interaction with Vessel Security Officers, Company Security Officers, Facility Security Officers, and relevant Federal, State, County and Municipal-level agencies
  • Performing Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability assessments
  • Security planning
  • Operational planning
  • Contingency planning
  • Tactical diagramming
  • Situational Training Exercises (STXs)

[Course Fee = $575]

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