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Girls Night Out at the RTC

[Course Fee = $59.00 ]

Girls Night Out: $59/Person

Hours: Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings

Please contact SGI or call us at 877-844-8744 to redeem your voucher!

Enjoy a fun and different night out with your girlfriends while you learn some valuable skills. This 2-hour long class will prepare you for some real-life scenarios that may save your life. You will start with learning basic handgun safety from a skilled instructor. Next you will take turns in the MILO shooting simulator with your choice of themed scenarios. Lastly will be the self defense portion of the night to prepare you to take down an attacker in multiple situations. Dinner will be provided throughout the evening.

Event details:

  • Learn handgun safety
  • Experience the MILO simulator
  • Women's Self Defense
  • Dinner Included
  • Allow 2-3 hours depending on class size
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