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Tactical Tracking Operations Series

Solutions Group International (SGI) is proud of our exclusive teaming agreement with one of the world’s most renown tracking experts, David Scott-Donelan and The Scott-Donelan Tracking School (TSDTS).  SGI and The David Scott-Donelan Tracking School specialize in the delivery of professional tracking courses to a variety of service sectors worldwide.  No other tactical tracking program can claim to have the same level of real-world operational experience conducting tactical tracking operations.  

Our lead instructors are former Rhodesian SAS (Selous Scouts) who are considered some of the best man-trackers in the world.  Whether it is for Law Enforcement, Military, Search & Rescue, or the avid Outdoorsman, our tracking courses will provide you with a useful skill-set that will change the way you view your operational environment.  

All SGI/TSDTS courses cover the basics of tactical tracking, locating and identifying spoor, following a track line, and tactical tracking operations.  Additionally, all of our courses can be custom tailored to meet your specific operational needs. Many of our Tactical Tracking courses incorporate several of our individual blocks of instruction related to Firearms Training, Combat Trauma Care, Tactics, Land Navigation etc.   

Below is a description of the courses available through Solutions Group International in conjunction with the Scott-Donelan Tracking School: 

SGI - Hunter Tracker (HTC) Course
SGI - Hunter Tracker (HTS) Seminar
SGI - Military Combat Tracking (Level-I)
SGI - Military Combat Tracking (Level-II)
SGI - Military Combat Tracking (Level-III)
SGI - Search and Rescue Tracking (SART)
SGI - Surveillance Operations in Rural Environments - (SORE)
SGI - Tactical Tracking Operations in Rural Environments (TORE)

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