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SGI - Military Combat Tracking (Level-III)

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(14-Days / 140-hours)

The Solutions Group International (SGI) Combat Tracking Level-III course builds on the skills developed during Combat Tracking Levels-I & II. All SGI/TSDTS courses cover the basics of locating and identifying spoor, following a track line, and tracking operations. Additionally, all of our courses can be custom tailored to meet your specific operational needs. Many of our Tactical Tracking courses incorporate several of our individual blocks of instruction related to Firearms Training, Combat Trauma Care, Tactics, and Land Navigation etc. 

Course content includes:

Review of Combat Tracking Level-I Topics:

  • Basic Tracking Techniques
  • The Rules of Tracking
  • Dynamics of a Footprint
  • Action Indicators
  • Visual Tracking Indicators
  • Roles of a Tracking Team
  • Tactical Formations and Scenarios
  • Lost Spoor Procedures
  • Encounter / Direct Action Drills

Review of Combat Tracking Level-II Topics:

  • Conducting the Follow-Up
  • Assessing the Age of Spoor
  • Tracking and Surveillance
  • Anti-Tracking Techniques
  • Anti-Tracking TTP
  • Advanced Shooting Techniques
  • Tracking in an Urban Environment
  • Use of Technology in Tracking Operations
  • Identification of IED's and VBIED's
  • Combat Marksmanship
  • Back Tracking Operations
  • Night Tracking Operations
  • Combat Tracking Level III:
  • Special Operations Considerations
  • Advanced Combat Marksmanship
  • Survival Concerns
  • Rural Operations

* Call to schedule course dates for your unit 

    [Course Fee = $1,775]

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