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SGI - Hunter Tracker (HTC) Course

[Course Fee = $255.00 ]

(2-Days / 16-hours)

The Solutions Group International (SGI) Hunter Tracker - HTC™ Course was developed to introduce and familiarize hunters/sportsman with the basic principles of tracking big game animals. The SGI - Hunter Tracker - HTC™ course is uniquely designed to provide the hunter/sportsman with general knowledge and fundamental skills related to the art of tracking. The objective of the SGI - Hunter Tracker - HTC™ course is to increase your overall safety and success in the field.

The SGI - Hunter Tracker - HTC™ course goes beyond the simple identification of tracks in mud, sand or snow, addressing throughout the entire course what is actually necessary to track game animals across any terrain (pre-contact and post contact).

All SGI/TSDTS courses cover the basics of tracking, locating and identifying spoor, following a track line, and low-light / no-light tracking considerations. Our Hunter Tracker - HTC™ course also incorporates several of our individual blocks of instruction (i.e. Land Navigation, Remote Trauma Care, and Wilderness Survival), which are taught throughout course.

Course content includes:

  • Animal Habitats and Routines
  • Seeing and Interpreting wildlife sign
  • Identification of Game Tracks and Scat
  • Pre-Contact / Post Contact Considerations
  • Animal food sources
  • Gait analysis and aging
  • Land Navigation
  • Remote Trauma Care
  • Wilderness Survival

[Course Fee = $255]

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