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SGI - Surveillance Operations in Rural Environments - (SORE)

[Course Fee = $385.00 ]

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(2-Days / 20-hours)

Surveillance is the art of actively observing the most civilized creature on earth - man. Throughout the years, this art has progressed from the simple act of eavesdropping into a modern science requiring sophisticated methodology and practitioners. Skillfully conducting surveillance is an art. Experience, teamwork, knowledge of the area, and practical surveillance techniques are required to perform a successful surveillance.

The Solutions Group International (SGI) Surveillance Operations in Rural Environments - SORE™ course is designed for Police Officers, Sheriffs Deputies, Fish and Game Wardens, Park Rangers, Military units, or any governmental entity assigned to conduct surveillance operations in a rural environment. This course provides a comprehensive explanation of surveillance operations in a rural environment, counter-surveillance techniques, and basic tracking techniques.

This course is presented in a manner that allows the student to build an understanding based on the developmental detailing of surveillance concepts and their applications. During this course the student will identify appropriate principles and techniques for planning and conducting a successful foot, fixed, and mobile surveillance while operating in a rural environment.


Course content includes:

  • Types of Surveillance in Rural Environments
  • Basic Tracking Techniques
  • Concealment Techniques (Camouflage, Terrain, Hide-Construction)
  • Equipment Selection / Operational Considerations
  • Basic Techniques of a Foot, Fixed and Mobile Surveillance
  • Identify Surveillance Operator vulnerabilities
  • Counter-Surveillance Detection / Situational Awareness
  • Combat Trauma Care in a Rural Environment
  • Weapon Selection / Considerations
  • Marksmanship Techniques in a Rural Environment
  • Procedure for Lost-Contact

[Course Fee = $385]

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