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SGI - Tactical Training

SGI - Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

[Course Fee = $600.00 ]

(2-Days / 16-hours)

The Solutions Group International (SGI) Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) course is based on the guidelines from the Committee on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (Co-TECC) and the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) program. TECC uses lessons learned from our military and applies them to the civilian world of tactical medicine.  While TECC has a tactical slant, it takes an all-hazards approach to provide care outside the normal operating conditions of most EMS agencies, such as responding to a mass casualty or active shooter event. 

Our instructor cadre is comprised of Military Special Operations Medics with multiple deployments and actual field experience treating injured personnel in combat zones.  Our medical training programs have direct physician oversight provided by our team of Emergency Trauma Physicians.  This is a must-take course for Law Enforcement, EMS, Paramedics, Tactical Team Medics, and other civilian EMS practitioners or First Responders.

Our 16-hour course covers topics designed to decrease preventable death in a fluid, high-threat, tactical situation.  At the core of the TECC training program are three distinct phases that have been well-proven by TCCC trained personnel in the war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The phases are as follows: 

  • Direct Threat Care
    Care that is rendered while under attack or in adverse conditions.
  • Indirect Threat Care
    Care that is rendered while the threat has been suppressed, but may resurface at any point.
  • Evacuation
    Care that is rendered while the casualty is being evacuated from the incident site. 

During the SGI TECC course, students will be exposed to training scenarios that simulate providing care in challenging and unconventional situations. These problems are patterned after real scenarios faced by members of our instructor cadre during actual critical incidents. There will be a short debrief after each scenario to maximize the impact of the lessons learned.

Course content includes:

  • Role and Responsibilities of a Tactical Medic
  • Pre Mission Medical Threat Assessment
  • Rapid Trauma Assessment
  • Advanced Airway Techniques
  • Surgical Airway Control
  • Needle Decompression
  • Aspects of Wound Ballistics
  • Providing Care Under Low-Light Conditions
  • Providing Care in Confined/Difficult To Access Spaces
  • Providing Care in Moving Vehicles
  • Providing Care during Live-Fire Scenarios
  • Advanced Hemorrhage Management Techniques
  • Strategies for Treating Wounded Responders in Threatening Environments
  • Caring for Pediatric Patients
  • Techniques for Dragging and Carrying Victims to Safety
  • Reality-Based Combat Trauma Care Scenarios w/ Role Players
  • NAEMT TECC Course Certification

* The SGI Regional Training Center is an NAEMT authorized training center.

[Course Fee = $600]

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