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SGI - Advanced Vehicle Evasive Response Training (AVERT - Intermediate) Course

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The Solutions Group International (SGI) AVERT™ driving course is designed for those individuals who are operating a vehicle in non-permissive environments and are at risk of a criminal attack while in transit. Our Advanced AVERT™ training course emphasizes the proactive approach to protection, and is designed to further develop individual and team skills learned in our basic AVERT™ course. During this course, a strong emphasis is placed on the proper and necessary action to be taken while coming under attack while in transit.

Course attendees will learn about vehicle dynamics and the importance of understanding "vehicle language". This is accomplished through realistic exercises such as straight-line emergency (Threshold) braking, braking-in-turns, serpentine, skid pad, swerve-to-avoid, and off-road recoveries. The student will also learn about ocular driving, the use of focusing your eyes on where you want the vehicle to go.

Vehicle control skills will be applied to technical driving which requires the student to accurately read and negotiate a roadway at elevated speeds. It will teach the driver how to use the vehicle as a means of escape or as a weapon for survival. Students will learn the use of emergency backing, "Y" and "J" turns, precision intervention technique (PIT), barricade breaching (RAM), driver down (passenger side driving) and how to recognize an attack.

Students will learn what a car is capable of and most importantly, their own limits. We will emphasize the importance of being mentally prepared in order to be able to react. The training is brought together through realistic situational exercises where the student comes under different types of attacks and is challenged to react.

Course content includes:

  • Advanced Vehicle Control
  • Technical Driving
  • Technical "Street Line" Driving
  • Backing "Y" & "J" Turns
  • Driver Down - Passenger Front Seat Driving
  • Down / Disabled Limo Recovery
  • Precision Intervention Technique (PIT)
  • Barricade Breaching (RAM)
  • Situational Awareness / Attack Recognition
  • Force-on-Force Situational Exercises

Course pre-requisite: SGI Basic AVERT™ course or equivalent (subject to verification)

[Course Fee = $775]

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