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SGI - Tactical Training

SGI - Defensive Pistol Craft - DPC II

[Course Fee = $375.00 ]

(1-Day / 8-hours)

"When you are being shot at, there is only one logical thing to do, and that is to concentrate on your own shooting"

This course begins with a comprehensive review of Pistol Craft Series I. This course will add a new dimension to your marksmanship repertoire by providing instruction in the areas of tactics, conventional shooting platforms, and movement techniques. The course will conclude with a realistic training scenario, which will incorporate all of the skills taught in Pistol Craft I and II.

Course content includes:

  • Weapon Safety and Range Commands
  • Mental conditioning
  • Drawing from concealment
  • Distractions
  • Long Range engagement drill
  • Directional pivots (from the holster)
  • Dynamic movement
  • Shooting Platforms - Kneeling, Squatting, Seated, Prone
  • Angle of Incidence (the use of proper shooting angles from behind cover)
  • IDPA Course Classifier Phase-II

[Course Fee = $375]

* Includes 250 rounds of 9mm/.40/.45 pistol ammunition for use during this class

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