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SGI - Executive Protection Combatives (EPC)

[Course Fee = $250.00 ]

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(1-Day / 10-hours)

The SGI Executive Protection Combatives - EPC™ course was developed by SGI Lead Instructor Tony Diefert. Tony is career law enforcement professional with a specialized military background. In his current assignment, Tony is a full time member of his departments Dignitary Protection Unit. Prior to joining the police department, Tony was a competitive fighter and earned the title of Arizona State middleweight Muay Tai kickboxing champion. The basic foundation of this course is a culmination of the linear fighting style of Muay Tai and a compilation of techniques from numerous other fighting arts, with the end result being a program specifically developed for personnel engaged in providing close personal protection.

At its core, the SGI EPC™ course utilizes a combination of striking and ground fighting techniques, hand picked from a myriad of fighting arts, to specifically meet the needs of executive protection personnel. EPC™ is built around the application of gross motor skills and basic fighting techniques that can readily be applied under the high stress demands of combat.

This is a no nonsense course that focuses on the mission ?’___which is to break contact with an assailant(s) and extract your principal to a safe location.

Course content includes:

  • Physical one-on-one Attack
  • Mass Attack
  • Knife Defense
  • Dynamic Strengthening and Flexibility
  • Rolling and Falling in All Conditions
  • Striking Using All Parts of the Body
  • Confined Space and Evasion Tactics
  • Restraining and Joint Locks
  • Ground Survival
  • Disarming of Weapons
  • Balance and Throwing Skills
  • Comprehensive Breathing Methods
  • Fear Management and Awareness Training

[Course Fee = $250]

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