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SGI - Tactical Training

SGI - Hollywood S.W.A.T. Academy

[Course Fee = $400.00 ]

(2-Days / 16-hours)

The Solutions Group International (SGI) Hollywood S.W.A.T. Academy is specifically designed for actors who are serious about their craft, their safety, and who are looking to develop their skills to accurately portray law enforcement and military personnel.

The SGI Hollywood S.W.A.T. Academy course uses hands-on demonstrations and actual police training equipment to illustrate how firearms are handled on film, television, theatre sets, and in the real world environment. In addition, basic tactical skills are taught to further develop your on-camera skill set.

Course content includes:

Tactical Training:

  • Tactical Team Equipment
  • Tactical Team Weapons
  • Tactical Team Movement
  • Building Entries
  • Building Searches
  • Vehicle Stops (High-Risk)

Firearms Training:

  • Firearms terminology
  • Safety procedures
  • Hazards of blanks and how to stay safe
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Weapons Handling skills (law enforcement/military)
  • Tactical Choreography
  • Law Enforcement Shooting Simulator Drills (course participants)

Participants handle both prop firearms and non-firing real firearms under the watchful eye of certified and experienced Law Enforcement/Military Instructors and get to learn shooting skills in a completely safe and controlled environment.

The SGI Tactical Training for Actors course will provide you with the fundamental skills and confidence to accurately and realistically portray and character were you are required to handle a firearm (i.e. handgun, shotgun, assault rifle, etc).

[Course Fee = $400]

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