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SGI - Maritime Interdiction Operations (NCB-VBSS)

[Course Fee = $575.00 ]

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(4-Days / 40-hours)

There are literally thousands of merchant marine and other maritime vessels involved in worldwide trade and commerce. The ever-present threat of terrorism and naval piracy illustrates the need for the military, law enforcement, and private security sectors to be able to counter these threats. The SGI Non-Compliant Maritime Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (NCB-VBSS) course was developed in response to these growing threats.

During the SGI Maritime Interdiction Operations course, students will be formed into a maritime interdiction tactical team and will be required to participate in a variety of full mission profile situational training exercises (STXs) while equipped with weapons and complete tactical kit under real-world conditions. Students will be placed in team leader and subordinate leadership roles throughout the course in order to polish leadership, planning, and operational skills.

Our course objective is to provide operators with the requisite training for tactically boarding surface vessels and/or maritime facilities in hostile, high-risk, non-permissive environments. The SGI course format is based on the U.S. Navy/Marine Corps model of maritime operations training.


Course content includes:

  • The Maritime "Asymmetrical Threat"
  • Naval nomenclature and Vessel types
  • Maritime force protection zones
  • Methods of demarcating zones
  • Counter-Surveillance methods
  • Open water and pier-side security procedures
  • Sub-surface threats and counter-swimmer/diver operations
  • Pier sentry duties and responsibilities
  • Boarding and climbing techniques
  • Swimming techniques
  • Container climbing and rappelling techniques
  • Shipboard tactical movement and close-quarter-battle techniques
  • Small Boat Operations
  • Prisoner handling and restraints
  • Situational Training Exercises (STX's)

[Course Fee = $575]

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