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SGI - Wilderness Precision Marksmanship (Level I)

[Course Fee = $250.00 ]

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(1-Day / 8-hours) | View the Wilderness Precision Marksmanship Flyer

The SGI – Wilderness Precision Marksmanship (Level I) course focuses on the bolt action hunting rifle in standard hunting calibers and how to operate your rifle under stress and hit what you are shooting out to approximately 600 yards.  This course is being delivered in partnership with Bass Pro Shops and Cow Town range.

Course content includes:

  • Internal, External, and Terminal Ballistics and how to select the best ammunition for your rifle and intended usage
  • In depth discussion of riflescopes and how to select the best scope for your intended application
  • Power range and light transmitting capability vs. compatibility with your rifle and stock, Range estimation reticles mil dots vs. minutes of angle
  • Cold bore shots and proper zeroing of your rifle
  • Marksmanship drills to minimize common mistakes shooters make
  • Long range shots out to the maximum effective range for your rifle
  • Angle shooting
  • How to effectively read wind and compensate
  • Shooting under stress with an elevated heart rate
  • Techniques for engaging moving targets
  • Supported / Unsupported shooting positions including prone, kneeling, sitting and standing
  • Use of bipods, shooting sticks, tripods, and various types of slings

[Course Fee = $250]

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