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SGI - Wilderness Precision Marksmanship (Level III)

[Course Fee = $325.00 ]

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(1-Day / 8-hours) | View the Wilderness Precision Marksmanship Flyer

The SGI – Wilderness Precision Marksmanship Course (Level III) is specifically designed to prepare you for big game hunts around the world.  This course is designed specifically for big game hunters using dangerous game rifles in .375 caliber or larger.  This course focuses on surgical shooting, recoil recovery and secondary shot placement on moving/charging targets. 

Course content includes:

  • Different types of bolt actions to include "push feed" and "controlled feed"
  • Scopes vs. Iron sights 
  • Proper zeroing
  • Terminal Ballistics and proper bullet selection for different animals 
  • Proper field preparation to ensure the rifle is functional in the area of operation
  • Firearm manipulation drills to include: loading, unloading, cycling the bolt, empty gun load, topping off the magazine, and immediate action drills
  • Bore cleaning and its effect on cold bore shots
  • Supported and unsupported shooting drills
  • Accuracy drills and use of shooting sticks
  • Stress shooting drills
  • Techniques for moving targets and moving target drills
  • Charging target drills
  • Low light / No light / Flashlight shooting techniques 

[Course Fee = $325] 

* Contact Solutions Group International to schedule Wilderness Precision Marksmanship Level II and Level III courses.  All courses require a bolt-action rifle, sling, and approximately 75 rounds of ammunition.  Upon registration you will receive an email with your course confirmation and required equipment list.


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