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Visual Augmentation Systems Familiarization (VASFAM) Night Vision Course

[Course Fee = $600.00 ]

There are no dates currently.
Please check back in the future.

2-days / 16 hours

(8am - 5pm / Night Training times TBD)

Learn the latest innovative, tested, and proven tactics using various Night Vision devices in a tactical environment. This is a very ambitious and comprehensive course delivered in our extended 2-day (16) hour format. SGI instructors developed the curriculum for this course, which is a culmination of their personal real world experience and practical application using NV equipment in non-permissive, combat areas.

Our course focuses on preparing law enforcement SWAT teams and military special operations personnel for deployment and surveillance operations requiring the use of Night Vision (NV) devices in both urban and rural environments.

During the SGI VASFAM Course, a strong emphasis is placed on Night Operations, NV Device Operation and Maintenance, Device Limitations and Capabilities, Movement to Breach Points, Actions at Breach Points, and Entry Tactics and CQB with NV Devices.


"Just because you creep around and do bad things in the dark...doesn't mean we can't see you"


NEW dates to be announced

Course Content Includes:

  • Physiology and Psychology of Night Operations
  • NV Device Operation and Maintenance
  • NV Device Capabilities and Limitations
  • Driving Considerations
  • Basic NV Tactics and Techniques
  • Use of Lighting Conditions / Tools for Tactical Advantage
  • Countering Suspects use of White Light
  • Countering Suspects use of NV Devices
  • Square/Flat Range Live Fire Drills
  • Zeroing Rifles with IR Pointer
  • Rifle and Handgun Drills with NVG's and IR Pointers
  • Use of NV Devices in Urban Operations
  • Scenarios with Force-on-Force (SIMUNITION)
  • And much more...

Equipment List:

  • Night Vision Devices that allow hands free operation that can be helmet mounted or worn on the operators head
  • IR Laser Pointer / Aiming Device attached to rifle (optional - highly desirable)
  • Full Load Out / BDUs or other Training Uniform
  • Load Bearing Belt / Vest and Tactical Equipment (Per Team SOP)
  • 300 rounds of rifle duty ammunition
  • 200 rounds of handgun duty ammunition
  • 50 rounds of SIMS rifle ammunition
  • 50 rounds of SIMS handgun ammunition
  • Simunition Handgun & Rifle
  • Knife / Utility Tool
  • Tactical Hand-held Flashlight w/ Red - White Lens
  • Camouflage Stick / Paste
  • Hydration System
  • Packed Lunch Every Day
  • Range Bag (eye and ear protection,cleaning gear)



    [Course Fee = $600]

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