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SGI - Tactical Training

SGI - Waterborne Week - Security and Tactical Training Course

[Course Fee = $1,575.00 ]

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(5-Day / 50-hours)

The Solutions Group International "Waterborne Week™ - Security and Tactical Training" program is a must take course for units operating in and around the ocean, seaports, harbor ways, marinas, or who have the operational capabilities to be called upon to assist in crisis situations in these areas.

Learn the latest innovative, tested, and proven tactical waterborne skills relating to NCB-VBSS (Non-Compliant Vessel, Board, Search, and Seizure) and Tactical Scout Swimmer applications from instructors currently applying these skills throughout the United States and in hostile areas around the world. All Solutions Group International instructors are actual operators from the Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations Communities with years of verifiable real-world experience.

The Solutions Group International (SGI) Waterborne Week™ - Security and Tactical Training course is a comprehensive training program designed to address the dynamic security challenges surrounding our nations ports and waterways. The Waterborne Week™ - Security and Tactical Training course is a very ambitious port security and tactical training program that combines our popular NCB-VBSS and Tactical Scout Swimmer courses into a five (5) day format. Our unique tactical waterborne training course is modeled after U.S. Special Operations Command Combat Swimmer programs and is designed to provide waterborne tactical capabilities to law enforcement, military, and other government maritime units.


Course content includes:

  • Current threats to the Maritime Industry
  • Maritime Threat Assessments / Vulnerability Studies
  • Naval nomenclature and vessel types
  • Maritime Capability Development and SOP's
  • Advance Check-Lists
  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance Skills
  • Drown Proofing and Water Survival Skills
  • Clandestine Water Infiltration Skills
  • Land Based Patrolling Skills
  • High-Speed Boat Casting
  • Infiltration of Team Elements
  • Rope Management Skills
  • The Maritime "asymmetrical threat"
  • Maritime force protection zones
  • Methods of demarcating zones
  • Open water and pier-side security procedures
  • Sub-surface threats and counter-swimmer/diver operations
  • Pier sentry duties and responsibilities
  • Boarding and climbing techniques
  • Container climbing and rappelling techniques
  • Shipboard tactical movement, searching, and CQB techniques
  • Scuba Hull Searches
  • Communications / Special Equipment
  • Reality-based / interactive field training exercises (FTX) scenarios with role-players and simunitions

The Solutions Group International "Waterborne Week™ - Security and Tactical Training" course is a challenging and comprehensive training program that will provide the attendee with the requisite skills for operating in a waterborne environment with emphasis on boarding, searching, and securing various types of vessels, as well as the infiltration of tactical team marksmen, observers, assault force element, and entry team members from a water approach to various objectives.

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[Course Fee = $1,575]

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