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SGI - Advanced CCW "Gun Fighters" Course

[Course Fee = $225.00 ]

(1-Day / 8-hours)

The SGI - Advanced CCW "Gun Fighters" course is for shooters who currently have their CCW permit and recognize the need to gain a higher level of training. This is also an ideal course for law enforcement personnel who carry concealed (narcotics officers, detectives, parole, etc) on or off duty. The SGI - Advanced CCW "Gun Fighters" course focuses on those critical skills necessary to survive a violent encounter on the street, in the workplace, or in your home. This is a reality based training course that will teach you the handgun fighting skills you will need to increase your confidence and survivability in a lethal force situation. This is essential training for anyone carrying a concealed firearm. Post incident management will also be discussed at the conclusion of this course. This course is hosted by the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department.


Course content includes:

  • Range Safety
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Concealment Holsters
  • Drawing from a Concealment Holster
  • Drawing with a Cover/Concealment Garment
  • Drawing from a Seated Position
  • Shooting from a Seated Position
  • Shooting from inside a Vehicle
  • Close Quarter / Contact Shooting
  • Multiple Threat Engagement
  • Shooting in Tactical Order
  • Shoot / Move / Communicate
  • Unconventional Shooting Positions
  • Reality Based Shooting Scenarios
  • Malfunctions Drills
  • Low-Light Shooting
  • Post-Incident Management
  • "What to know if you are involved in a shooting"

[Course Fee = $225]

* AMMO is included in the cost of this course. NEW course dates coming soon.

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