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SGI - Tactical Training

SGI - Tactical Rifle

[Course Fee = $275.00 - $500.00 ]

(1-Day / 8-hours)

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Tactical Rifle is a 1-day course and was developed to illustrate the numerous tactical applications of the semi-automatic rifle. The course includes both short-range and long-range precision firing with the .223 (5.56mm NATO) semi-automatic rifle. Students will practice multiple shooting concepts on the linear range as well as several drills utilizing urban entry techniques. Drills include both urban and rural scenarios.

Tactical Rifle course content includes:

  • Firearms and training safety
  • Combat mindset
  • Ammunition considerations
  • Loading, unloading, and immediate action for malfunctions
  • Use of the tactical sling
  • Firing positions
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Multiple threat engagement
  • Moving threat engagement
  • Firing on the move
  • Transitioning to the handgun
  • Urban entry applications
  • Low light firing conditions
  • Automatic firing

    [Course Fee = $275]

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